Practice Questions Set 2 – Moses (B10-L4)

As a Kahoot (about kahoot) Link: Coming Soon Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:   Click here Online Questions Here Multiple Choice Where did Moses receive the 10 Commandments from God? Mount Tabor Mount Sinai Mount Ararat Mount Moriah Who was Moses’ successor as the leader of the Israelites? Aaron Joshua Nicodemus Elijah What did … Continue reading Practice Questions Set 2 – Moses (B10-L4)

Sample Questions (B10-L4)

Below you can find some sample questions for the Lesson 4 on Mosess! It is provided in various formats.  (Questions provided by St. Peter’s Philadelphia.) As a Quizziz (about quizziz) Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:  Online Questions Here Where did Moses receive the Ten Commandments? Mount Nebo Mount Sinai Pisgah Peak Who led … Continue reading Sample Questions (B10-L4)

Desert Wandering Lesson Plan (B3-L15)

Objective Those who seek him attain salvation, never belittle the gifts of god. Story Summary:  Moses and his people continued their journey They reached Edom, but could not go through, the king did not let them Because of this, they had to go around Edom where they reached mount Hor. At mount Hor Aaron, brother … Continue reading Desert Wandering Lesson Plan (B3-L15)