Holy Qurbono – Diptychs

Warm-up Split a piece of paper into 8 pieces (doesn’t have to be perfect – divide 3 times and tear along the creases.)   Have the student write one word or phrase per slip of paper about any thought that comes to mind regarding “Diptychs”.  Take ~5 minutes or so doing this.  Have the students read … Continue reading Holy Qurbono – Diptychs

Wedding At Cana (B1-L17)

Warm-up Print out the picture of the icon of the wedding at Cana. Click here for document to print (Before the lesson) Ask the kids to guess what is the going on in the picture. Don’t tell them the answer… tell them we will go over it at the end of class. Lesson Go over … Continue reading Wedding At Cana (B1-L17)