2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 2

Objective – At the end of the session students will be able to: Understand the purpose of fasting and why our Church encourage all believers to wholeheartedly partake in it. Recognize Biblical examples of fasting Take a stance on how they wish to grow in Christian discipline through fasting Specific Objectives Discuss original sin, repentance, and … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 2

Great Lent Preparation Workshop

The following is a manual / template for conducting a “Great Lent Preparation Workshop” for youth / Sunday-school students.  The manual is setup such that that a Priest/Youth leader/Sunday School teacher can implement this ‘Activity based study’ in their respective parish. They can run the study/activity on a Saturday youth prayer fellowship or in an … Continue reading Great Lent Preparation Workshop

Joel Lesson Plan (B09-L05)

Warm-up activity Watch this video on “Locust Plagues” from BBC Earth (note there maybe an ad at the start of the video…may want to pre-play before class and pause at the start of the video): Ask afterwards: Lesson There are 3 passage sections you can divide the students into 3 groups and have each group … Continue reading Joel Lesson Plan (B09-L05)

Zechariah Lesson Plan (B9-L03)

Warm-up / Opening activity Ask the students to share: Have you ever tried to encourage a small kid to do something they considered scary?  Or do something they didn’t want to, but needed to?  (ie. ride a bike with no training wheels, take medicine, dive off a diving board, etc…) What were some ways you … Continue reading Zechariah Lesson Plan (B9-L03)