Sample Questions (B10-L2)

Below you can find some sample questions for the Lesson 2 on Old Testament Books! It is provided in various formats.  (Questions provided by St. Peter’s Philadelphia.) As a Kahoot Link: Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:  Online Questions Here What does Septuagint mean in Latin? 70 50 80 199 How many sections … Continue reading Sample Questions (B10-L2)

Quizlet for Qurbono Items (HQ1)

Use the quizlet below in class or as a take home fun activity! Direct link the quizlet to send to your students: Below is the quizlet as a matching game (use the link above to play it in its different modes or if you are viewing this site with a phone/tablet.)

Church During 500s-1600s (B9-L20)

Warm-up Activity Show the students the following picture and ask them what they think is going on in the picture: Lesson Time Group Activity: Timeline Before class bring the following: Printout of the “Timeline sheet” (1 per group of kids) (download: pdf / doc) Cutouts of the entries from “Timeline sheet entries” (1 per group … Continue reading Church During 500s-1600s (B9-L20)

Wedding At Cana (B1-L17)

Warm-up Print out the picture of the icon of the wedding at Cana. Click here for document to print (Before the lesson) Ask the kids to guess what is the going on in the picture. Don’t tell them the answer… tell them we will go over it at the end of class. Lesson Go over … Continue reading Wedding At Cana (B1-L17)