Holy Qurbono – Diptychs

Warm-up Split a piece of paper into 8 pieces (doesn’t have to be perfect – divide 3 times and tear along the creases.)   Have the student write one word or phrase per slip of paper about any thought that comes to mind regarding “Diptychs”.  Take ~5 minutes or so doing this.  Have the students read … Continue reading Holy Qurbono – Diptychs

PK Lent Lesson 3 – Healing the Paralytic

Objective: Learn that Jesus can forgive sins and we are to help those around us. Downloads Lesson Plan PDF Parents Handout PDF Interaction Questions Play a game – “Frozen Catch“.  Rules are that the kids cannot move their right arm.  (Note: you may need to tell kids what is their right hand – maybe ask all … Continue reading PK Lent Lesson 3 – Healing the Paralytic

James – Taming the Tongue – Lesson Plan (B09-L08)

This lesson covers only one aspect of James 3+4 – watching our words. Warm up Show the video: Ask the following afterwards: Think about everything you said yesterday.  How many of things you said would fit in the category of: – “Building someone up” – (encouraging / correcting / etc..) – “Bringing someone down” – … Continue reading James – Taming the Tongue – Lesson Plan (B09-L08)

Ethiopian Orthodox Church (B10-L37)

Warm-up Activity : Find it Have the student find/draw Ethiopia, Armenia, Syria, Rome, Jerusalem, Eritrea and Alexandria on a map. Download/print blank map from here. Students can use phones, Bibles, maps, etc… Lesson Church founding overview: Activity 1: Draw Interaction Diagram Names: King Ella, King Esena (aka Ezana), Frumentius, Athanasius Using the names above, have … Continue reading Ethiopian Orthodox Church (B10-L37)