Church During 500s-1600s (B9-L20)

Warm-up Activity Show the students the following picture and ask them what they think is going on in the picture: Lesson Time Group Activity: Timeline Before class bring the following: Printout of the “Timeline sheet” (1 per group of kids) (download: pdf / doc) Cutouts of the entries from “Timeline sheet entries” (1 per group … Continue reading Church During 500s-1600s (B9-L20)

Holy Qurbana Ordering Activity

Warm-up Before class print and cut-up the sheet found here into separate slips of paper per item/event: (word / gdoc) Have the student spend 10 minutes ordering the slips of paper into the right order. Lesson Time Now that the order is set, go through each slip of paper and have the students relate what … Continue reading Holy Qurbana Ordering Activity