Here you will find some information about this site and how to use it.  If you have more questions always feel free to contact us.

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  1. What is the purpose of this site?
    This website is for the benefit of teachers and Sunday School schools in the diocese.  It is meant to be a supplemental platform to collect and share resources and tools for an effective, engaging Sunday School experience. The site will include sample lesson plans, presentations, notes, webinar/video links, assignment/project summaries.
  2. Is this site run by the diocese?
    Yes, this site is run by the Teacher Support Program team of the Sunday Association (MSOSSA.) 
  3. Are we required to follow/use the guides and resources for a given lesson?
    No, the content and resources here are supplemental and only provided for the optional use by the teacher/Sunday School. 

User Login

  1. How do I get a login?
    You can register for a login by filling in the form here.  Your login will only be created after we have verified that you are indeed associated with a Sunday School program within the diocese.  You login details will be emailed to the email address you filled the form with.
  2. How do I reset my password?
    You can request a password reset like by entering your username or email address here.  After filling in that form, you will received an email with special link to reset your password – at that page you can type in any password you want.
  3. Where do I login?
    Click here to login.
  4. I’ve filled out the registration form. Why haven’t I received by login?
    The login process is not automated.  Verifying that you are associated with some Sunday School program within the diocese and that you have given your correct email address may take some time.   (Normally, we will contact your parish priest.)
  5. What is the purpose of registering and logging in?

    There are multiple benefits: 

    1. Some resources are protected from public access. For example, resource that may solutions to a homework assignment or quiz.  Only after login can those resources be viewed. 
    2. After login, you can register for email notification when new content is added to this website.  You can register for notification of everything or just new content in a particular book.
    3. You will be able to post comments/your insights on some of the resources. (Note: comments may be moderated)
  6. How do I subscribe for notification of new content?
    After login, you can register for email notification here.  New content emails are sent Friday mornings.  You can register for notification of everything or just new content in a particular book.
  7. How do I change what content I want notifications for?
    If you are already receiving notification emails, at the bottom of each email there should be links to adjust your subscription options.  If you don’t have an old notification email, you can register again and you will be sent an email with a link through which you can adjust your subscription options.
  8. I’m not a member of your diocese can I get a login?
    Currently this resource is only for Sunday Schools in diocese.

Resource Submission Questions

  1. Where do I submit a resource?
    Fill in the form here.
  2. What format do I have to submit the resource in?
    You can type out the resource directly in the form or you can attach files (word, pdf, images) to that form as well. 
  3. I have some general resources that are not tied to a book/lesson. Can I submit those?
    Yes – of course.  It maybe a while before we can properly categorize and find a place for it on the website, but please do submit. 
  4. I submitted a resource, why don’t I see it yet?
    Submissions are not automatically added to the site.  After you submit your resource, it is modified and massaged to fit the website.  Only then will it appear on the website.  Initially all new submissions are marked as “unreviewed”.  Later, a panel of experts will review the resource and mark it “reviewed.” 
  5. I found a error in one of the resources. What should I do?
    Please let us know about it!  Contact us here.
  6. Can I submit my resources anonymously?
    Yes – but – it is preferable if you are willing to share your name.  Sharing your name maybe an encouragement for other fellow teachers to also share their resources.