Sunday School Covid-19 Resources

During this CoVid-19 crisis ongoing in our nation, many (most) of our churches and congregations are not able to physically meet. Although our classes may not be able to meet – it is the recommendation of the Sunday School board to “meet” virtually if possible.

The goal is to not only to provide religious education during this time – but more importantly to provide for the students to connect with their “spiritual” community. Ten years from now, students should remember how the church responded to reach out and connect to them.

Also see Virtual Class Training

Remote Collaboration Tools

During this pandemic, many online collaboration/meeting software and tools are free. Here are some that can be used:

Orthodox Prayer for Healing

Other Notes / Recommendations

  • Siblings – your teachers may need to coordinate their class schedules in case there are not enough electronic devices in a household and the “virtual” classes occur at the same time.