2019 Lenten Retreat Guide

We are pleased to present a Sunday School Lenten Retreat Guide developed by the Educational Enhancement team for the 2019 Lenten Season. In order to provide a consistent education experience throughout the diocese, it is encouraged for each region/parish to conduct a Sunday School Lenten retreat based on the theme presented here. These are resources, … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat Guide

2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 2

Objective – At the end of the session students will be able to: Understand the purpose of fasting and why our Church encourage all believers to wholeheartedly partake in it. Recognize Biblical examples of fasting Take a stance on how they wish to grow in Christian discipline through fasting Specific Objectives Discuss original sin, repentance, and … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 2

2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 3

General Objective – Examine the story of the healing of Jairus’ daughter to better understand what it means to submit ourselves and to trust Christ with our whole heart through our prayers. Along with this story, the students will also learn the Jesus Prayer and the Lenten Prayer of Mor Ephrem in order to guide them … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 3

2019 Lenten Retreat – Music

The following are three songs recommended for use during the Sunday School retreat. Worthy is the Lamb (with choreography): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=xB3uDpKivJM (with lyrics): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eMsihDoX3uM Lord I Lift Your Name on High (with choreography): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f_snPWk2uaY (with lyrics): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=c12Ta6_WJrw Good Friday Procession song Malayalam              Arimathyaanaattil-dhaarmmikanaai vaana Yauseppennothum maanavanekanMasihaa than gaathram-praapippaan chennu Peelaatthosodaa-yarddhicchevamVidhi naadha! Nalka-bhaagyamahaanidhiyaam Rakshakagaathratthe-samskaaram cheyyatte njaan Avane … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat – Music

2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 1

Objective – To appreciate the postures followed during prayer. Specific Objectives Narrate the story of Daniel in the den of lions Demonstrate different postures practiced during prayer. Outline the importance of the postures used in prayer Make the sign of the cross Note to the Teacher For children of this age group, the attention span is … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 1

2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 4

Objective – The general objective will be understand and comprehend the importance of scriptures within our spiritual lives, especially during the Lenten season. Specific Objectives Lesson Time 1: Students will be able to list 2-3 reasons why it is beneficial and important to read the scriptures. (keeps us fresh, helps us understand the church, shapes our … Continue reading 2019 Lenten Retreat – Class 4