Practice Questions Set 2 – New Testament (B10-L6)

As a Kahoot (about kahoot) Link: Coming Soon Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:   Click here Online Questions Here Multiple Choice What tribe is St. Paul descended from? Levi Benjamin Judah Joseph What was St. Paul’s original job? A Pharisee who persecuted Christians A woodworker who followed Christ A thief from Damascus A merchant … Continue reading Practice Questions Set 2 – New Testament (B10-L6)

Practice Questions (B10-L6)

Below you can find some sample questions for the Lesson 6 on the New Testament! It is provided in various formats.  (Questions provided by St. Peter’s Philadelphia.) As a Quizziz (about quizziz) Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:  Online Questions Here Where was St. Paul born? Cilicia Jerusalem Bethlehem Syria Who was St. … Continue reading Practice Questions (B10-L6)