Practice Questions Set 2 – Old Testament 2 (B10-L3)

As a Kahoot (about kahoot) Link: Coming Soon Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:   Click here Online Questions Here Multiple Choice How many Psalms were written? 150 151 152 154 What is the main idea of the book of Proverbs? History Sacrifice Human values and moral conduct Love What does the name “Amos” mean? … Continue reading Practice Questions Set 2 – Old Testament 2 (B10-L3)

Sample Questions (B10-L3)

Below you can find some sample questions for the Lesson 2 on Old Testament Books! It is provided in various formats.  (Questions provided by St. Peter’s Philadelphia.) As a Quizziz (about quizziz) Printable Documents Question Sheet:  Click here Answer Sheet:  Online Questions Here How many books are in the books of wisdom? 2 4 5 … Continue reading Sample Questions (B10-L3)

Septuagint 2 (B10-LS2)

This lesson is full of facts about the Old Testament!  So using the class time doing various quiz-like activities in groups.   The powerpoint has matching, quiz questions, and a crossword puzzle. Download ppt – with no answers: (pptx / google-ppt) Could not load presentation. Download w answers: (pptx / google-ppt) – Answers are animated … Continue reading Septuagint 2 (B10-LS2)