Marriage Sacrament Lesson Plan (B10-S5)

Opening Activity Show the following set of pictures to the students before discussing the lesson at all.  Ask them what they think is going on?   What type of royalty do you think they are? Lesson Time Split the lesson into three sections “pre-marriage”, “marriage service”, “after-wedding.”  The lesson book is written pretty well – … Continue reading Marriage Sacrament Lesson Plan (B10-S5)

Ethiopian Orthodox Church (B10-L37)

Warm-up Activity : Find it Have the student find/draw Ethiopia, Armenia, Syria, Rome, Jerusalem, Eritrea and Alexandria on a map. Download/print blank map from here. Students can use phones, Bibles, maps, etc… Lesson Church founding overview: Activity 1: Draw Interaction Diagram Names: King Ella, King Esena (aka Ezana), Frumentius, Athanasius Using the names above, have … Continue reading Ethiopian Orthodox Church (B10-L37)

Oriental Orthodox Church Study Guide (B10-L34-37)

Students can use the following document as a study guide for the lessons on the Oriental Orthodox churches. Download: pdf