Holy Trinity Lesson Plan (B9-L25)

Warm-up Ask the student what they think the following icon is about Afterward tell them it is about: Lesson Time Biblical References to Trinity Go over the first reference together.  Then have them split in 2 groups and identify the Trinity in the other 2 references. Genesis 1:26 God’s creation of the world Note the … Continue reading Holy Trinity Lesson Plan (B9-L25)

Church During 500s-1600s (B9-L20)

Warm-up Activity Show the students the following picture and ask them what they think is going on in the picture: Lesson Time Group Activity: Timeline Before class bring the following: Printout of the “Timeline sheet” (1 per group of kids) (download: pdf / doc) Cutouts of the entries from “Timeline sheet entries” (1 per group … Continue reading Church During 500s-1600s (B9-L20)

1st Peter Lesson Plan – Chp 1-3 (B09-L10)

Warm-up Activity Show the kids the picture below. Ask “What do you see? What do you think is going on?” Explanation: Lesson Time This lesson is setup as a series of passages and discussion questions about them.  Break up the classes in multiple groups and them them discuss each passage on their own first and … Continue reading 1st Peter Lesson Plan – Chp 1-3 (B09-L10)

James – Taming the Tongue – Lesson Plan (B09-L08)

This lesson covers only one aspect of James 3+4 – watching our words. Warm up Show the video: Ask the following afterwards: Think about everything you said yesterday.  How many of things you said would fit in the category of: – “Building someone up” – (encouraging / correcting / etc..) – “Bringing someone down” – … Continue reading James – Taming the Tongue – Lesson Plan (B09-L08)

Jonah Lesson Plan (B09-L06)

Warm-up Ask one of the following questions as a opening to start the discussion. Option 1: What are some characteristics of a Holy man/woman? (ie. saint, prophet, …) Option 2: If God came to you in a dream and asked you to go to ISIS and preach – what thoughts would you have in the … Continue reading Jonah Lesson Plan (B09-L06)

Joel Lesson Plan (B09-L05)

Warm-up activity Watch this video on “Locust Plagues” from BBC Earth (note there maybe an ad at the start of the video…may want to pre-play before class and pause at the start of the video): Ask afterwards: Lesson There are 3 passage sections you can divide the students into 3 groups and have each group … Continue reading Joel Lesson Plan (B09-L05)

Malachi Lesson Plan (B9-L04)

Warm-up activity Imagine today your family is told that Thirumeni (or another important) guest is coming for dinner. What preparations would go on at home? (Mention about cooking and the food) Would it be ok to heat up some left over macaroni? Would that be allowed or acceptable? Why or why not? Lesson Background (for Teacher … Continue reading Malachi Lesson Plan (B9-L04)

Zechariah Lesson Plan (B9-L03)

Warm-up / Opening activity Ask the students to share: Have you ever tried to encourage a small kid to do something they considered scary?  Or do something they didn’t want to, but needed to?  (ie. ride a bike with no training wheels, take medicine, dive off a diving board, etc…) What were some ways you … Continue reading Zechariah Lesson Plan (B9-L03)