Virtual Classroom Training

With the limits on in-person meetings (due to Covid-19 (2020)), Sunday Schools need to adapt to use Virtual Classrooms to meet. Dr. George Aramath led a one hour seminar on how to effectively engage and teach students in this medium.

Below is the recording of that seminar (the actual training starts at 7:32 into the video)

Summary of discussion:

  • Best Practice of Teaching apply in a virtual class room setting!
    • Build relationships
      • Example: Entry question, Share your story/memory
    • Change of Pace (different beginning, middle, end activities)
    • Independent Reading activity
  • Strategies specific to Virtual Classroom setting
    • Take advantage of Share Video / Share Screen
      • Limit videos to < 9min
    • Use Chat box
      • Optional addition: Have all students hit enter together (so everybody shares their idea – rather mimicking other students)
    • Use Polling
      • Allows to keep track if paying attention or something need to be re-emphasized
    • Breakout groups (Zoom specific)
  • Summary of Virtual Platforms
    • Zoom vs Microsoft Teams vs Google Meets
  • Q & A
    • How to do assessments?
    • What homework to assign?
    • How to teach prayer / songs?
    • What Bible readings for pre-readers?

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