Manitho of St. Severus

For 2020 10th Grade Diocesan Sunday School Exam


By Thy mother’s prayers (for us )
and that of all Thy saints:

I exalt Thee, Lord and King,
Only-begotten Son and Word
of the heavenly Father,
immortal by nature. Thou came down by grace
for salvation
and life for all human race; was incarnate
of the holy, glorious, pure Virgin
Mary, Mother of God
and became man without any change;
was crucified for us.
O Christ, our God,
Who by Thy death trampled and slaughtered our death,
Who are One of the Holy Trinity,
worshiped and honored with
the Father and the Holy Spirit,
have mercy on us all.


nin ma-tha-vu vi-su-ddhan-mar
enni-var than prar-ththa-na-yal:

swar-gga pi-tha-vin e-ka-su-tha
va-cha-na-ma-tham ra-ja-dhee-sa
ni-nne vazh-thum njan
sa-ha-ja-ma-thay mru-thi-p-hi-tha ka-ru-nya-thal
mar-thyan-mar than
var-gga-thi-nu mu-zhu-van jee-va-nathum
vi-ma-la-tha su-chi-ye-nni-va-yu-lla
dai-va-ja-ni-thri ka-nya-ka-yam
bhe-da-ma-the-nye ma-na-va-na-yi
kru-si-tha-na-ya nja-ngal-kku-ta-yo-nam mshiha
ni-ja mru-thi-ya-li-var than
mru-thi-ye me-thi-chu ni-ha-ni-cho-ne
a pa-ri-pa-va-na thru-thwai-ka
swa-pi-tha-vo-to-ppam jee-va-ne-zhum
ruh-qu-di-sha sa-hi-tham va-ndi-
tha-ne pa-ri-keer-thi-tha-ne!
kru-pa che-yye-nam.

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