Shubqono – Promeon/Sedra


Priest: Let us all pray and beseech the Lord for mercy and compassion 

People: O merciful Lord, have mercy upon us and help us.

Priest: Glory be to you, O Father, tranquility of heaven, praise be to you, O Son, Peace of the Earth, and adoration, be to you, O Holy Spirit, perfector of all the divine gifts.The Father, who gave His only begotten Son to death for our salvation; the Son whose love constrained Him to die for us; The Holy Spirit who rejoices in our works and by whom our requests are granted; You Triune God and three consubstantial persons of the Holy glorious and adorable Trinity. Grant to us, O Lord, that in purity, we may give peace to one another. May Your peace keep us in divine concord with You and strengthen us with the girdle of Your imperishable loving-kindness, that we may glorify You on the happy day of your miraculous resurrection, and in all festivals, seasons, times, hours and all the days of our lives, now and forever.

People: Amin (Incense is placed) 

SEDRO (Order)

Priest: O Christ, our God, the eternal tranquility of creation, and the true peace of uttermost parts of the world; who is love, and is called love, and the lights in this title more than all the other titles; who pays honor to those who hold to this love. By Your love for us, you offered yourself as an acceptable sacrifice and a sweet fragrance. By Your crucifixion, You broke down the barrier of enmity and by Your blood, You reconciled the dwellers of heaven and Earth and removed the enmity from the middle and united them to become one. By the indivisible unity of Your Godhead from eternity and human nature in time, You called all those who were afar off and those who were near, and thus you joined them together with the concord of Your divine love. By this same love you counted them the household of Your eternal kingdom and brought to the whole world the good tidings of peace and tranquility. Your birth and the flesh was declared to Your Mother, the Blessed Virgin Mary, by the Archangel’s greeting of peace. With the salutation of peace, Your Blessed Mother was met by Elizabeth, the Mother of Your forerunner John, who leaped in his mother’s womb with joy like a servant in the presence of his master. At Your birth, the heavenly hosts proclaimed peace to the shepherds. He gave peace to the women, who went and announced Your glorious resurrection.  In peace You entered the upper room where the holy disciples were gathered, and You assured them of Your resurrection. When You ascended to Your Father, You gave Your peace to Your disciples saying to them: My peace, I leave with you; not as the world gives, do I give it to you. This is my commandment that you should love one another, just as I have loved you. Keep this love entrusted to us, our Savior, and by it confirm our minds. By Your love may we be bound together. By Your love, drive us from among us divisions and controversies. By your love make us keep you life-giving commandments. By Your love, hold us back from afflictions and sufferings. By Your love, make us children of peace and tranquility. By peace, unite the shepherds and flocks. By Your peace, cause the priests to rejoice in their offerings. By Your peace perfect Your Church and her children. By Your peace and tranquility, guide and adorn her. By Your peace and tranquility, lead her congregations and make glad her children. In tranquility, keep those who are near her, and in peace, purify her deacons. In tranquility, unite her leaders. In peace, regulate her ranks. In tranquility, let her feasts continue. In peace, reconcile the wrathful. In tranquility, unite those who are divided. In peace, fill with happiness those of bitter souls. In tranquility, keep Your flock. In peace, settle doubting minds. In tranquility, purify our thoughts.  In peace, deliver us from the merciless rules, and in tranquility, adorn us in all Your festivals. In peace, accept our fasting and prayers. In tranquility, grant us mercy and forgiveness. In peace, loosen from us the bonds of wickedness. In tranquility, break from us the yoke of the adversary. May Your peace be with us and may Your tranquility reign among us. Bidn our minds with Your love and establish Your loving kindness in our hearts that we may offer You thanks, O Lord of tranquility, and to Your Father, the giver of peace, and to the Holy Spirit, the perfecter of true love, now and forever. 

People: Amin

Excerpt take from from:
MA’DE’DONO  The book of the Church Festivals, According to the Ancient Rite of The Syrian Orthodox Church of Antioch. Translated from the Original Syriac by Archdeacon Murad Saliba Barsom. Edited and Published by  Metropolitan Mar Athanasius Yeshue Samuel (Archbishop of The Syrian Orthodox Church in the United States of America and Canada) 1984