About – Quizziz

What is it?

quizizz.com is a third party website that allows a person to create online multiple choice quizzes.  These quizzes can be used in class for Formative Assessments, Homework, Exit Ticket, or Game Time.

You can read an overview of quizziz in a pdf from them here.

What do you need?

  • You need to create an account on quizziz to use the quizzes (also if you want to create them.)
  • The student can play the quizziz from either mobile devices or from a browser.

Is it Free?

Yes – to use and create content is free.

How to use?

  • As Homework
    • Go to specific quizz after logging in.
    • Click on the Homework button
    • Select the deadline (student will be able submit their answers until then)
    • Select any options and click proceed
    • Email the students the code assigned to the quizz.
  • Live (Formative assessment / In Class Quiz / Exit Ticket)
    • Need
      • Internet connection
      • Devices for your students
      • It will be nice to show the “Leader Board” on screen/projector
    • Go to specific quizz after logging in.
    • Click on the Live button
    • Share the code and url to the students and wait for them to join.
    • Wait for them to finish.
    • Go over the questions together.


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