2018 Lenten Retreat Guide

We are pleased to present a Sunday School Lenten Retreat Guide developed by the Educational Enhancement team. In order to provide a consistent education experience throughout the diocese, it is encouraged for each region/parish to conduct a Sunday School Lenten retreat based on the theme presented here. These are resources, templates, topics, guides, and activities that can be used to conduct such a Lenten Retreat for your Sunday School students at the regional or parish level.


“Jesus My Healer”

Heal me, O Lord, and I shall be healed; Save me and I shall be saved, for You are my praise  ~ Jeremiah 17:14

The retreat will be focused on four healing miracles of Christ:

Downloads / Resources

  1. Lesson Plans
    1. Overall Guide (PDF)
    2. Lesson 1 – Hunchback Woman (KG / Primary) (PDF) (HTML)
    3. Lesson 2 – Blind Man (Sub-Junior / Junior) (PDF) (HTML)
    4. Lesson 3 – Leper (Intermediate age) (PDF) (HTML)
    5. Lesson 4 – Lazarus (Senior students) (PDF) (HTML)
  2. Sample Timeline / Activity Breakdown (PDF) (docx)
  3. Daily Prayers (PPT / GoogleSlides)
  4. Confession:
    1. Prayers for Before/After Confession (PDF)
    2. Confession Preparation Guide (PDF)
  5. Worship Songs
    1. All – (Slides)
    2. Kaumo – MP3 ( English, Malayalam, Syriac )
  6. Flyer

Worship Songs

Kaumo For Holy Week

Malayalam (mp3):

English (mp3):

Syriac (mp3):

Lenten Retreat Theme Song

Lesson Plans

Click on the below links to go to the lesson guides for a particular class.

Class 1 – Healing of the hunchback woman – Pre-K / Primary

Class 2 – Healing of the blind man – Sub-Junior

Class 3 – Healing of the leper – Intermediate

Class 4 – Raising of Lazarus – Seniors

Appendix / Extra Stuff

Instructions to customize flyer

  • Goto https://www.easel.ly/infographic/yz6pn8 in a modern web browser.
  • Zoom Out so you can see full picture (zoom button is to the right of the upload button)
  • Select and edit the text as needed
    • Double click on the text blocks to edit
    • Click somewhere else on the picture to finish editing
  • Select “Download->Low Quality” from the menu to get the editted picture
    • Even though it says “Low Quality” – it should be fine for printing.

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