Pre-School Lent Lessons

The following is a series of six lessons which can be taught to pre-school / kindergarten aged students during the Lenten period of our church.   During each week of the Great Lent, the church remembers a particular miracle of Christ.   Each lesson focuses on one of these miracles.  These lessons were created to help the little kids appreciate the Great Lent.

The lessons are structured to be “VBS-like” and activity driven.  There are typically 4 parts to the lesson:

  • Intro Question/Activitya mini game or questions to get kids thinking. 
  • Story Timego over the story and retell it in different ways. 
  • Craft / Activity Time – a fun activity or craft that ties in with the lesson. 
  • Take Home Activity – a handout sheet to send home with the student.  It has an activity to be completed with the child’s parents. 

The topics (and links to those lessons) are listed below:

Week # Topic Passage Activity
1 Intro to Lent John 2:1-11 Butterfly Craft
2 Healing of the Leper Luke 5:12-16 Sticker Craft / Tattoos
3 Healing of the Paralyzed Man Mark 2:1-12 Doll Carry Game
4 Healing of the Canaanite Daughter Matthew 15:21-31 Coloring Page
5 Healing of the Crippled Woman Luke 13:10-17 Bending Straw Craft
6 Healing of the Blind Man John 9:1-41 Song

Feedback Request

If your Sunday School does use these lessons – we would love to hear your feedback / suggestions / corrections.  (Even if the corrections are just typos!)  Please do send info via the contact form.

If your parish does unique things for lent or other Sunday School activities – and you are willing to share with other parishes in the diocese — please do contact us!

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