PK Lent Lesson 6 – Healing the Blind Man

Objective: To learn the story of Jesus healing the blind man and how we are to place our trust in Him.


  1. Lesson Plan PDF
  2. Parent Handouts PDF (1 per kid)

Interaction Questions

Bring in a bunch of toy blocks.  Have the kids try to build a tower with the blocks  while their eyes are blindfolded (or simply closed.)  (Have each kid working individually – not trying to work together.)  After a couple minutes stop and ask the following questions:

  • How was it to not be able to see?
  • What is it called when someone can’t see? (tell them blindness)

Lesson Time

The class time is split between going over the story and a song.

Story Time

This story is found in John 9:1-41.  Using dolls/puppets go over the story as a puppet show. You will probably need at least 2 people to manage all the puppets.   Puppets/dolls needed:  Jesus, disciple, blind man, pharisees

Sample script – Improvise! Don’t need to follow exactly!

  • Disciple: “Jesus, look at the blind man!”
  • Jesus: “I am going to help him so people can see God working!”
    Jesus puppet pretends to spit and puts stuff on the eyes of the blind puppet.
  • Blind man: “What are you doing?”
  • Jesus: “Go and wash off this mud I put on your eyes.”
    Blind man puppet goes off and pretends to wash eyes.
  • Blind man: “Wow I can now see!”
  • Pharisee: “Hey how were your eyes opened!”
  • Blind man: “Jesus healed me. He put mud on my eyes and told me to wash and boom! Now I can see!”
  • Pharisee: “Hmm… he healed you on Sunday? Shouldn’t he have been at church instead of healing you? He must definitely not be from God.”
  • Blind man: “He definitely is from God. I know this because I was blind and now I see! We know that God does not listen to the person who does his will. And God definitely healed me. If Jesus wasn’t from God, he could not heal me.”
  • Pharisee: “Get out! How dare you try to teach us!”
    All puppets leave…and later just Blind man and Jesus puppet comes to him.
  • Jesus (talking to blind man): “Do you believe in the Son of God?”
  • Blind man: “Who is He?”
  • Jesus: “I am Him and am talking to you!”
  • Blind man: “Lord, I do believe in you!”

Go over the story again. Emphasize the following:

  • The blind man had let Jesus put mud on his eyes and listened to him when Jesus said to wash.  He had trust to listen to Jesus.
  • The blind man consistently put his trust in Jesus even when others were telling him not to.
  • Give and talk about examples of how we put our trust in Jesus.

Song Activity

Teach the kids the following song (or some other song.)

Jesus healed the blind man,
He made his eyes to see,
The man had faith in Jesus,
So can you and me!!

Tune: Pop Goes the Weasel


Remind the kids to give the handout to their parents and sing the song for their parents.  Tell them there are instructions for a cool game to play with their parents in the handouts.


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