PK Lent Lesson 4 – Healing the Canaanite Daughter

Objective: Learn the story of Jesus healing the Canaanite woman’s daughter and that we should keep praying!


  1. Lesson Plan PDF
  2. Parents Handout PDF (1 per kid)
  3. Coloring Sheet PDF (1 per kid)
  4. Icon Page PDF (enough for class to see)

Interaction Questions

Ask the following questions and give some time for the kids to respond:

  1.  What are some things you do when you are sick?
  2.  Show icon of the Canaanite Women & Daughter (link here: pdf  /  jpeg)
    1. Ask the kids what they see in the picture
    2. Ask the kids what they think is going on in the picture.
    3. Don’t give them the answer – tell them we are going to find out now.

Lesson Time

The class time is split between going over the story and a coloring sheet for the kids to color.

Story Time

Go over the story from Matthew 15:21-28.  If possible act it out with some of the older youth. 

One day Jesus and the disciples were walking and a woman with a sick daughter kept crying out after Jesus to heal her daughter. But Jesus was not answering her. The disciples were getting nervous with the noise she was making and asked Jesus to send her away. Jesus answered that he wasn’t sent for her! The woman then came to Jesus and said “Lord, help me!” Jesus answered her saying he can’t give to her what was meant for some other people. She answered that even animals get crumbs that were for other people! Then Jesus answered, “O woman, great is your faith! Let it be to you as you desire.” And her daughter was healed at the time!

Repeat Story:  Have the kids repeat the story to you.  Ask some review questions

  1. What did the woman ask for? (heal her daughter)
  2. Did Jesus answer right away? (no)
  3. What did the woman do when Jesus didn’t answer right away? (keep asking!)

Talk About It

Go back to the icon picture and ask the kids what is going on in the picture.

Talk about how we are to pray for others and we are keep praying.

Coloring Activity

Give the kids the coloring sheet to color in class.  (pdf / jpeg)


Remind the kids to give the handout sheet to the their parents.  Ask the kids to quiz their parents on this story!


  1. Coloring sheet taken from:

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