PK Lent Lesson 3 – Healing the Paralytic

Objective: Learn that Jesus can forgive sins and we are to help those around us.


  1. Lesson Plan PDF
  2. Parents Handout PDF

Interaction Questions

Play a game – “Frozen Catch“.  Rules are that the kids cannot move their right arm.  (Note: you may need to tell kids what is their right hand – maybe ask all the kids to raise a hand and keep it frozen.)

Now try to play catch with a soft/foam ball with each of the kids.  They will not be able to (or find it hard to) catch the ball with just one hand.

After playing for a couple minutes and giving every kid a chance to catch the ball, ask the following questions:

  1.  Was it hard to catch the ball without using 2 hands? (yes)
  2.  Imagine what it would be like if you were frozen – get some responses
    1. How would you do things? (lead them towards they will need help from friends/family) 

Lesson Time

The class time is split into 2 parts – going over the story and then a game/activity related to the story.

Story Time

Using props (action figures (as Jesus, paralyzed man, friends), shoe-box (as house), cardboard (as bed/mat)) retell the story from Mark 2:1-12.  As part of the story telling highlight the following lessons: 

  • Jesus forgives sins … and sins affect our life
  • Helping others  & Receiving help

Jesus was in a house teaching and the house was so crowded because everyone wanted to listen to Him. There was a paralyzed man who wanted to get to Jesus, he couldn’t because he couldn’t walk and his friends couldn’t bring him either because there was such a crowd at the door.

Pause and ask: How do you think they should get to Jesus?

The paralyzed men’s friends came up with the idea to cut a hole in the roof and lower the man to Jesus! Jesus on seeing them said to the paralyzed man: “Your sins of forgiven!”

Pause and ask: Why did Jesus say “your sins are forgiven”?

People around Jesus also said why did Jesus say “your sins are forgiven”! Then Jesus replied and say “So that you may know that I have authority to forgive sins I say, ‘Get, up, take your mat and go home!’”.

Pause and ask: So why did Jesus say “your sins are forgiven”?

Repeat! You may have to repeat the story a couple times so kids remember it. Ask the kids if they can tell the story to you.

Game Activity

In teams (2-4 kids per team+helper), play a game carrying a doll laying in a sheet/towel held up by the student holding the corner of the sheet/doll.  To make it more fun – have them go around some obstacles/etc.


Remind the kids to give the parent’s handout to their parents and to tell their parent’s the story.

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