PK Lent Lesson 2 – Healing the Leper

Objective: Learn the story of Jesus healing the leper and that Jesus cares for us!


Interaction Questions

Ask the kids the following and give them time to respond:

  1. What is a miracle?
  2. What does Jesus have the power to do?
  3. What is a leper?

Lesson Time

The lesson time is divided into 2 parts – going over the story and then a craft related to the story.

Story time!

If possible – have some of the older youth help act it out!  Otherwise read in a dramatic voice.

One day a man with leprosy came to Jesus and fell on his knees. He begged Jesus, “If you are willing, you can make me clean.” Jesus had compassion on the leper. Jesus reached out his hand and touched the man. Jesus told the man, “Be clean!” Immediately the man was healed of his leprosy! Jesus sent him away with a warning. He told the man, “Don’t tell anyone. But go, show yourself to the priest and offer sacrifices for your cleansing.” Instead, the man shared how Jesus had healed him of his leprosy.

Replay / Repeat:

  • Have the kids act it out themselves
  • Or, redo the story having some of the kids saying some of the lines

Talk about it

Leprosy is a skin disease.  It can make a face look bumpy and can completely change the way a person looks.  You can get leprosy if you touch someone who has it.  Lepers were usually kicked out of the city and weren’t allowed in stores, churches, or any public places!

Ask:  How did Jesus treat the leper? 

  • Jesus “touched” him – even though everyone else wouldn’t
  • Jesus had “compassion” – Jesus cared for him.
  • Jesus “healed” him.

The message to take from this story is that it doesn’t matter to Jesus what you’ve done, how you look or what other people think about you.  God made you and he loves you no matter what!  Everyday Jesus is trying to reach out and show His love – we always just need to go to Him.

Craft time!

Option 1: Tattoos

Use tattoos (or washable markers) to make circles on the kids’ arms.  Talk about what it would be like if they could never remove those marks!  Have them ask their parents to wash it and ask them to re-tell the story to their parents as they wash it off.

Items Needed:  Washable Tattoos or Washable Markers

Option 2: Sticker Dots

For this craft, we cut out body shapes and use white dot stickers.  Let the children put the stickers on one side of the body cut-out.  Have the children stick a bandaid on the other side of the body cut-out.  On the sticker side, draw a sad face and on the other other side draw a happy face.   On the band-aid side, draw a happy face to show they are healed.

Items Needed:

  • Cutouts of the Body Shape (recommend doing this before class) (1 per kid)
  • White Circle Stickers (5-6 per kid)
  • Band-aid (1 per kid)
  • Marker


Remind the kids to talk their parents about this story and give their parents the handout.  Tell the kids the handout has a fun activity to do with their parents at home.


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