Srappikale Kandeshaya

For 2018 10th Grade Diocesan Sunday School Exam

Srappikale Kandeshaya – English

Seraphim of fire and spirit
Isaiah saw <in the> holy place,
each one of them with six wings
ministering to Thy divinity.

With two, they covered their face
<to avoid> sight of Thy divinity.
With two they concealed their feet
from being burnt by the Fire.

With two they flew while shouting,
"Holy, Holy, Holy «art Thou»."
Holy art Thou, Son of God,
bless'd be Thy Honor from Thy place.

Srappikale Kandeshaya – English 2

Seraphim of fiery line
Saw Isaiah in the Shrine;
Each six-winged round the throne,
Ever serving God alone.

Covered each with two his face
Lest he see that Holy Grace;
Covered each with two his feet
Lest they burn in Holy heat.

Flapping their other two wings,
They all shout and proclaim so
Holy, Holy, Holy Thou
Holy are Thou Son of God.

Holy are Thou, Lord of hosts,
Praise to Thee be, all our boast.

Srappikale Kandeshaya – Manglish

Srapikale kandeshaya
hale-luyyah ou haleluyyah
beskkudisaa-yil ninmunpil

hale-luyyah ou Haleluyyah

Kaanaayvan-nin daivathvam
Hale-luyyah ou Haleluyyah
Mukhamavar moo-dunniruchirkaal

Hale-luyyah ou Haleluyyah

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