Prayer of Mor Severius

For 2018, 2019 10th Grade Diocesan Sunday School Exam

Prayer of Patriarch Mor Severus (AD 460-538)

Halleluia, Halleluia, Halleluia, Men `olam wadamo l-`olam `olmeen Amen.

Lord, who sits in the shadow of the most high, protect us under the wings of your mercy, and have compassion upon us.

O Lord who hearkens to all, by Your grace listen to the supplication of your servants.

O glorious King, our savior, give us peaceful evenings and sinless nights.

We set our eyes unto you; forgive our debts and sins, and be merciful to us in this world and in the world to come.

O Lord, may Your loving kindness shelter us and let your mercy guard us. May Your cross protect us from the evil one and his legion.

Let Your right hand enveil us all through the days of our lives.

Let your peace reign among us. Grant hope and salvation to all the souls who make supplication unto you.

By the prayers of St. Mary, who gave birth to you, and of all your saints; O God, forgive our debts and have mercy upon us.

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