Melpattakkar Pattakkarodu chemmachanmar

For 2018 10th Grade Diocesan Sunday School Exam

Melpattakkar Pattakkarodu chemmachanmar – English 1

High priests, reverend priests,
and deacons are appointed
on the earth and the Church is
adorned by their hymns.

<The priest> offers the fruits
of the earth, his Lord's
and in trust invokes the
Spirit's descent to him.

«The Spirit» flutters and descends
with no compulsion,
dwells in the bread, sanctifies
and makes it «the Body»,
and, by its descent on the
mixed cup, makes it Blood.
We, the faithful, cry out and
say: Kyrie eleison.

Melpattakkar Pattakkarodu chemmachanmar – English

High priests and priests and deacons too the Lord did said,
And they His Church adorn with Halleluiah songs; 

Priests offer ear-thly fruits, their ma-ster’s symblos true
And call the Holy Ghost with faith to come to them

As them He chose-with out compulsion now He comes,
And dwelling in-the bread He makes-it Body true,

And brooding in the mingled cup-He makes it Blood
Let us, the faithful cry aloud-Halleluiah.

Melpattakkar Pattakkarodu chemmachanmar – Manglish

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