Ente Kadangale Shesham nin

For 2018 10th Grade Diocesan Sunday School Exam

Ente Kadangale Shesham nin – English 1

Wipe away, Lord, all my debts
with the sponge of Thy pity,
and absolve in Thy mercy
sins I have done before Thee.

Christ the King, our Life-giver,
I've served Thy Holy Mysteries.
Count me with <the just> who
pleased Thee
and the righteous who loved Thee.

Lord, may I serve Thee in Thy
eternal heavenly kingdom,
unceasingly at this hour,
and in the everlasting world.

Unceasing glory to <the Lord>,
mercy on you on the judgment day
and may the Judge Who is just
forgive me, the poor sinner.

Ente Kadangale Shesham nin – English 2

Clear, O Lord, my ev’ry debt 
By Thy mercy’s sponge, I pray;
All the sins I did to Thee
By Thy kindness me absolve.

Christ, life-giving king who art 
Since I served Thy sacraments,
Make me equal with the just
And the righteous who Thee love.

May I serve Thee ever, Lord, 
In the heav’n-ly kingdom blest;
There for ever, serving Thee
Now and always, evermore.

Endless praise unto the Lord,
Grace to you upon that day;
Mercy from the righteous judge 
Be to sinful, humble me.

Ente Kadangale Shesham nin – Manglish

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