Coptic Church Field Trip (B10-L35)

In Book 10 Lesson 35 and Book 9 Lesson 21 the Coptic church is mentioned as a sister Oriental Orthodox church.   One way to make this lesson more alive is to organize a “field trip” to nearby Coptic Church and attend their Sunday service!


  • Confirm that this OK with your Vicar / Principal / Any other administration
    • Confirm with your Achen whether it is ok for the kids to take Qurbono/Communion there if they are prepared.
  • Confirm that this OK with the parents of your class kids
  • Reach out to a nearby Coptic Church
  • Things to ask when talking to the Coptic priest:
    • Ask permission if it OK to bring your class there – have an idea of the number kids + parents coming.
    • Is the service in English?
    • Schedule a day that works.
      • Note their lent / Holy Week dates may be different!
      • Their service maybe different depending on when you go!

Before going:

  • Send a reminder email the week before to the Coptic church/priest that your group is coming.
  • Talk to your kids – couple notes:
    • If they are taking Holy Communion – they may require your lips to touch the spoon (not like us!)
    • Tell them to look for similarities and differences in our services
      • Music
      • How communion is given
      • The Altar layout and what is on the altar
      • Curtain/No curtain
      • Diptychs equivalent?
  • Coordinate with parents how you are commuting there

After going (next Sunday):

[msosa_restrictprompt] All Sunday School teachers, administrators, and clergy within the diocese can register!

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