Prodigal Son Lesson Plan (B1-L19)


Have the kids think of a time they had done something wrong and their parents found out and how they became “ok” again with their parents.  Have a couple kids share if they wish – if no kids are willing to share, be willing to share a story yourself.

Lesson Time

Bring dolls/toys representing “Father”, “Younger Son”, “Elder Son”, “Friends”, “Farmer”, “Coins”, and “Cow”.  (For example use a Mickey mouse doll for son, etc..)

Use the toys to retell the story of the prodigal son.

Topics to emphasize:

  • Talk about “repentance” (ie. the young son had to “turn back” to his father.)
  • Jesus tells us this story to show how much God loves us and how willing for forgive.
    • The father ran to see his son.
  • Ask who the kids feel like they are most like in the story.  Remind them how God want’s us to be like the father.


Play kahoot to review some of the topics from the class:

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  2. To play kahtoo you need
    1. One device (laptop/ipad) to display the quiz.
    2. A device per team
    3. Internet access

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