Marriage Sacrament Lesson Plan (B10-S5)

Opening Activity

Show the following set of pictures to the students before discussing the lesson at all.  Ask them what they think is going on?   What type of royalty do you think they are?

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Lesson Time

Split the lesson into three sections “pre-marriage”, “marriage service”, “after-wedding.”  The lesson book is written pretty well – so split the kids into 3 groups and have the kids review their assigned section in the book and then present the section they were assigned.

Some notes/discussion to add as the sections are presented:

  1. Pre-marriage
    • Marriage definition
      • What is the difference between a covenant and contract?
    • A Partner from where?
      • Trust in God
      • Enjoy your season of singleness – after marriage no decision you made is truly independent.
      • About dating – gave this advice – if your relationship is something that you have to hide from your parents something is probably wrong.
    • Church requirements
      • Highlight Qurbono is part of every sacrament.
  2. The Marriage Service
    • Blessing of Rings
      • When did this service originally occur?
      • Who puts the ring on the finger? How is this different that the wedding seen on TV?
      • Trick question: When does the bride and groom say their vow and “I do”? (ans. they don’t) 
    • Crowning
      • Bring up the opening activity
      • The chain is the “crown” in Kerala wedding
    • Cultural: Minnu/Manthrakodi
      • Where does this come from?
      • What does Manthra Kodi literally mean?
  3. After the Wedding
    • Sacrifice and Submission
    • Family & Children
    • Compromise


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