Wedding At Cana (B1-L17)


  1. Print out the picture of the icon of the wedding at Cana.
    Click here for document to print
  2. (Before the lesson) Ask the kids to guess what is the going on in the picture.
  3. Don’t tell them the answer… tell them we will go over it at the end of class.


  1. Go over the story Wedding of Cana once.
    1. Especially emphasizing who said what and in what order.
    2. Master of Ceremony (to St. Mary) –>
      1. St. Mary (to Jesus) –>
      2. Jesus (to St. Mary) –>
      3. St. Mary (to Servants) –>
      4. Jesus (to Servants) –>
      5. Master of Ceremony/Guests
  2. Have the kids act out of the story
    1. Assign kids to be Mary, Jesus, Master of Ceremony, Servants
    2. Have them switch roles a couple times (if many students)
    3. Have them act it out at least 2 times.

Other things to bring up:

  1. First miracle of Christ
  2. Church celebrates this miracle on the first Sunday of the Great Lent
  3. Point out intercession of saints.


  1. Go back to picture from warm up and ask what was that picture about.
  2. Play Kahoot in teams
    1. You’ll need an IPad/Projector + at least 2 other smart devices (like a smartphone/ipad)

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