Ethiopian Orthodox Church (B10-L37)


Activity : Find it

  1. Have the student find/draw Ethiopia, Armenia, Syria, Rome, Jerusalem, Eritrea and Alexandria on a map.
    1. Download/print blank map from here.
    2. Students can use phones, Bibles, maps, etc…


  1. Church founding overview:
    1. Activity 1: Draw Interaction Diagram
      1. Names: King Ella, King Esena (aka Ezana), Frumentius, Athanasius
      2. Using the names above, have the students draw an interaction chart. Below is sample chart – go over after they present theirs.
        Start of the Ethiopian Orthodox church.

        Download: jpg (ely-file for website)

  2. Roman influence (maybe go over diagram)
    1. Roman Catholic influence in 14,15,16th centuries
      1. Some names are little off in the lesson:
        King Claudius == Emporer Galawedos
        Ovido ==> Andrews de Oviedo
        Padropaes ==> Pedro Paez
        Prince Jacob ==> Yaqob 1(Jacob) (aka Malak Sagad II)
        Susenyos 1 (aka Malak Sagad III)
        Basilidez ==> Basilide (aka Fasilides)
    2. Diagram / Handout:
      You may have to do the diagram together as the textbook is hard to follow. (Note “Zedengel” isn’t mentioned in the textbook.) 

      Diagram of key people during the period of Roman Catholic influence on the Ethiopian church in the 1500s and 1600s.

      Download picture: jpg  (elyfile – src file for website)

  3. Review Ethiopian Jewish heritage
    1. Jewish heritage: From Solomon (ie. Queen of Sheba)
    2. Gospel exposure: Review story of Philip and Enuch


  1. Play Kahoo review quiz:



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