Septuagint 2 (B10-LS2)

This lesson is full of facts about the Old Testament!  So using the class time doing various quiz-like activities in groups.   The powerpoint has matching, quiz questions, and a crossword puzzle.

Download ppt – with no answers: (pptx / google-ppt)

Download w answers: (pptx / google-ppt) – Answers are animated in.

Summary of themes from the Old Testament books (also available in ppt).

Book Dominant theme
Psalms Prayers, Hymns and poetry, Literary compositions
Job Unshakeable faith,  Why good people also suffer
Wisdom Books Proverbs Wisdom, virtues,  moral behavior, conduct
Ecclesiastes Limitations of wisdom,  meaning of life, a tone of frustration or depression , futility of human life
Song of Songs Human Love
Major Prophets Isaiah Detailed visions of coming of Messiah
Jeremiah Capture of Jews by Babylonians, destruction of temple,  ‘New covenant’ b/w God and mankind, grief  and sadness on the stuborn nature of people
Ezekiel Gods direction of events to take place in heaven and earth
Daniel Experiences of Daniel and Friends in captivity.
Minor Prophets (The Twelve) Hosea Steadfast love
Joel Outpouring of Holy Spirit
Amos Declaration of God’s wrath on Israel for injustice, immorality etc
Obadiah Destruction of Edom
Jonah Prophecy on Ninevah’s destruction,  forgiveness through prayers and repentance
Micah Peace reigning over those who do justice.
Nahum Ninevah’s fall
Habakkuk Dialogues, two complaints
Zephaniah Message of comfort and peace
Haggai Rewards on obedience to God, urge to rebuild temple
Zechariah Prophesies about  Christ
Malachi Prophecy about John, the  baptist

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