Land of Palestine PPT (B10-L6)

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(notes below the presentation)


  • Dead Sea Area
    • The Dead Sea
      • Lowest point on the Earth
      • Two layers of water
        • Starting to mix
      • Easy to float
      • High salinity
        • Not just regular salt – but other minerals
        • Commercial salt farms
      • Asphalt also
      • Why is it called the dead sea?
    • Massada
      • Fortress build by Herod the Great
    • En-gedi
      • David hid there
    • Qumaran
      • Dead Sea scrolls found there
  • Damascus
    • Biblical Stories:
      • Naaman the leper
      • Paul blinded on the way to Damascus
    • Head location of our church
    • Captial of Syria
    • Gated city – 8 ancient gates – including:
      • Bab Tuma (“Touma” or “Thomas’s Gate”) in the north-east corner, leading to the Christian quarter of the same name.
  • Decapolis
    • The Decapolis (means “ten cities” == Greek: deka, ten; polis, city) was a group of ten cities on the eastern frontier of the Roman Empire in Jordan, Syria, and Palestine. The ten cities were not an official league or political unit, but they were grouped together because of their language, culture, location, and political status. The Decapolis cities were centers of Greek and Roman  culture in a region that was otherwise Semitic (Nabatean, Aramean, and Jewish). With the exception of Damascus, the “Region  of the Decapolis” was located in modern-day Jordan, one of them located west of the Jordan River in Palestine (modern day Israel). Each city had a certain degree of autonomy and self-rule. (source: wikipedia)
    • Damascus was one of them
      • But since it was further north than the others, so sometimes thought of as an honorary member.
    • Philidelphia == modern Amman, Jordan

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