Old Testament Review 1 – Lesson Plan (B10-L2)

Opening Activity

Have student write what (and why) they consider the 3 most important events in American history.   Use as starting point to looking into events in Old Testament story.  (5 minutes)

Lesson – Sorting & Review

  1. Before class – print, cut, mix up the events listed in the following document:
    word / gdoc )

    • Make some number of sets based on the number of groups you want to create.
  2. Split up the class into groups and have them sort the events in the correct order.
  3. Discuss each of the events
  4. Group the events by
    • leadership: Time of Patriarchs, Judges, Kings United, Divided Kingdom
    • empire: Egypt, Babylonians, Assyrians, Persians, Roman (Persians/Romans are later)
  5. Review each of the events (have groups alternate give explanation of each event)
  6. Discussion points to bring up:
    1. God leading his people through various empires
    2. Varying leadership:
      • Pre-Nation => Judges => Kings => No-king/Quasi-King(next lesson) => Eternal King (Jesus)


Verbal Quiz between groups:

  • Who was Abraham asked to sacrifice?
  • Why was Joseph being sold as a slave to the Egyptians eventually seen as God working to save his people?
  • What is Manna?
  • Who became leader after Moses?
  • Name 3 famous Judges.
  • Name the first 3 kings of Israel.
  • In what context was Psalm 51 written?
  • Who conquered Judah?
  • Who conquered Israel?

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