Story of Esther Lesson Plan (B5-L9)


  1. Students will be able to recall key facts from the story of Esther
  2. Students can describe the morals from the story to apply in their life.

Lesson – Guided Practice

Students splits as 4 groups, discuss among them about learning from Esther’s story.

  1. God has a plan for each of us.
    • Story: Esther was a very beautiful woman, through that she was placed in a position to accomplish God’s plan of delivering the Jews.
    • Learning: Each of us have a unique talent / gift given by God.  Use it to deliver God’s plan.
  2. When you need direction: pray
    • Story: Esther didn’t know whether to go to the King or not, she asked that everyone pray and fast for 3 days.
    • Learning: When we face moments where we need direction, pray for God’s grace.  He will show us the right path and strength to pursue the path.
  3. Stand with courage
    • Story: Esther was willing to die to save here people
    • Learning: We must stand with courage, even when it is not popular to do so.
  4. God honors humility
    • Story: Haman wanted to kill Mordecai because he didn’t bow down. But he was killed on the same gallows he prepared to kill Mordecai.
    • Learning: Be humble in life, especially in victory.


BE STRONG – when you are weak
BE BRAVE – when you are scared
BE HUMBLE – when you are victorious


Write in the journal. Pick 2 instances from Esther’s life:

  • Describe them
  • What can we learn from it to practice in our life?

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