Lesson Plan on Daniel (B5-L5)


  1. Students can describe the story of Writing on the Wall
  2. Students can describe the story of Daniel protected from lions


Review the previous lesson where Elijah was protected (common link: God always protect his followers)

Lesson – Guided practice

Students split as 3 groups, each reading separate parts and then teach rest of class.

  1. Dream of Nebuchadnezzar and interpretation by Daniel
  2. Writing on the wall
  3. Daniel protected from lions


  1. Assignment – You’ve been selected to write a biography about Daniel. You are free to do it the way you would like and refer bible or other books for more details. Be creative. E.g. make a small book with your hand drawings/ pictures from internet, book format could be like clicking website pages, could be a script for a documentary. Show to your family and bring it next Sunday.

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