Elijah Lesson Plan (B5-L2)


  1. Students can name 2 instances where God protected his faithful in the midst of troubles
  2. Students can relate Elijah’s prayer on Mount Carmel to corresponding part in Qurbana


Picture of Elijah being fed by Ravens

Lesson – Guided practice

Students split as 4 groups, each reading separate parts and then teach rest of class.

  1. Story of Elijah fed by Ravens and woman
  2. Story of Elijah protected from soldiers
  3. Elijah’s prayer on Mount Carmel (separate text, Qurbana book)
  4. Rest of the lesson which talks about idol worshipping

If time permits, students relate the parts of lesson to their life

  1. Elijah remained faithful even when the king was against = stand-up against wrong things even if it is done by friends
  2. Elijah was taken-care during famine = stay faithful during bad times believing God will take care


  1. Students write in journal about the 2 instances where Elijah was protected by God
  2. Students write in journal relating Elijah’s prayer at Mount Carmel to part in Qurbana
  3. Students write 1 instance from their life where they felt God took care of them

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