Plagues and Moses Lesson Plan (B3-L11-12)


  1. To learn that we are obliged to humbly accept and perform the work that god entrusts us to do.
  2. To learn that one should not challenge the power of god


  1. Video:
  2. Video:

Lesson – Guided Practice – Discussion

  • God’s instructions to Moses from the burning bush  
    • Tie it to taking off shoes in church
    • Tie it to accepting instructions of God
    • Tie it to how God trusts us
  • Explain each plague and outcomes of the plague:

Wrap-up Questions/ Closing Words

  1. What did Moses see at the mountain of Horeb?
  2. What was the command of God to Moses?
  3. What is the name of Moses’s wife?
  4. Why did Moses do miracles before the pharaoh?
  5. Why did god punish pharaoh and the Egyptians?
  6. What did pharaoh do, when they had the plagues?

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