Desert Wandering Lesson Plan (B3-L15)


Those who seek him attain salvation, never belittle the gifts of god.

Story Summary:

  1.  Moses and his people continued their journey
  2. They reached Edom, but could not go through, the king did not let them
  3. Because of this, they had to go around Edom where they reached mount Hor.
    1. At mount Hor Aaron, brother of Moses passed away
    2. At mount Hor, Aaron’s son Elazear became the priest (ordination like today)
  4. From Hor, the people traveled to the Red Sea
    1. This journey annoyed Israelites and they started to complain against God and Moses
    2. God sent serpents after them and many people were bitten and died
    3. The people knew they were wrong and repented to God through Moses
    4. God told Moses to make a bronze serpent which he hung on a pillar in the center of the camp
    5. God told people to look at the bronze serpent pillar if they were bitten.
    6. Those who believed truly and looked at the bronze serpent were healed.

Objective oriented discussion:

  1. What is salvation?
  2. What gifts has god given us in our life today? Do we appreciate them?
  3. If we were in the place of the Israelites, how can we show appreciation to god?
  4. Was it the bronze serpent that saved the people? What was the point of the bronze serpent?
  5. How does this remind us of the cross?

Moral: When you’re in trouble, look to God who can save you.

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